Communal Cleaning

The attractiveness and cleanliness of communal areas can strongly impact the standard of living for tenants, guests, and staff. LZH Cleaning Group is at the forefront of turning these communal spaces into spotless, inviting spaces. With our focus on services for businesses, property portfolios, and HMOs, we ensure that every communal area we work on upholds your establishment's high standards and principles. Having hygienic and welcoming common spaces accessible to everyone can leave a lasting impression.

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Communal Cleaning Bedford

How Do You Know if You Need this Service?

  • If maintaining or improving the charm of properties with shared spaces is your responsibility as the property owner's caretaker.
  • When the goal is to increase the value of your property through professional cleaning services.
  • If you consider it important to provide tenants, guests, and staff with a clean, healthy, and friendly atmosphere.

Our Service is Beneficial for:

  • Landlords and Property Managers: If they want to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and upkeep.
  • Tenants and Residents: People living in shared housing such as apartment buildings, HMOs, and other shared spaces appreciate residents and comfortable living environments.
  • Visitors and Employees: Those who use common areas will value and profit from the improved standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Service Offerings

Regular Cleaning of Shared Facilities, Hallways, and Lobbies

We keep these spaces spotless to provide a welcoming atmosphere and a good first impression for every user.

Cleaning and Dusting of Windows

We provide comprehensive window cleaning and dusting to ensure optimal visibility and natural light penetration, enhancing the general health and happiness of inhabitants and guests.

Services for Waste Management and Recycling

We manage waste in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner, fostering a clean and sustainable environment.

Maintain High Standards with Our Communal Cleaning Services

Give a first-rate living or working environment and make the correct impression. Give LZH Cleaning Group a call right now!

Frequently asked questions

How frequently should I clean the common areas?
The size and use of community areas determine how often they need to be cleaned. We provide customised cleaning programmes tailored to your property's unique requirements to provide the finest possible cleanliness and satisfaction.
Do you supply tools and materials for cleaning?
We guarantee effective and comprehensive cleaning by sending a completely stocked crew with the newest tools and cleaning products. Our mission is to satisfy your cleaning requirements while offering a hassle-free service.
Could you please minimise any interruption to our residents' schedules?
We recognise how crucial it is to cause as little interruption as possible in shared living areas. Our staff can arrange cleaning services conveniently to avoid interfering with residents' and employees' everyday routines.
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