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Who We Are

When it comes to commercial cleaning, you need a team you can trust. LZH Cleaning Group has been the go-to choice for Bedford businesses for years, delivering top-notch cleaning services with expertise and dedication. We specialise in school cleaning, office cleaning, and commercial builders cleaning, ensuring your property is spotless and well-maintained, no matter the challenge.

Here are some of the main commercial cleaning services we provide for our clients in Bedford.

  • Healthcare
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Communial Cleaning
  • Educational Facilities
  • Construction Industry
  • Private & Public Sector

Our services

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Office Cleaning

We have your office cleaning needs in hand. We cover all aspects of office cleaning from one or two visits per week to daily cleaning. We are also able to provide consumables and washroom hygiene services.

Commercial Cleaning

LZH Cleaning Group undertake all aspects of cleaning in commercial settings.
Whatever it maybe. From smaller companies to larger companies. We cater for all. We work with smaller companies to multinational companies. All quotes are bespoke and tailored to your needs.

Warehouse Cleaning

We have vast experience in warehouse cleaning. Whether it be a one off clean or
daily cleans we have the experience and the expertise to provide cleaning in those
busy and high-pressured settings.

Builders Cleans

Are you a homebuilder requiring three stage cleaning? Builders Clean, Pre paint Clean and Sparkle Finish? We have highly trained CSCS operatives with vast experience in this field. We can price up and deliver cleaning on ...

Communal Cleaning

Do you require communal cleaning? Maybe you have a portfolio of HMO’S which require regular communal cleaning. We work with agents and landlords to keep those crucial areas clean and tidy.

Industrial Deep Cleaning

LZH Cleaning Group carry out cleaning in the most demanding of settings whether
internal or external. We have the experience to quote and execute specialised tasks. All equipment is provided.

What You Can Expect From Us

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Trusted & Experienced

A wealth of experience in cleaning having worked closely on all types of projects of all sizes.

No Contracts

If you’re not ready to sign a contract, you don’t have too.

Reliable & Fully Insured

5 million Public Liability, 10 million Employers Liability. DBS Cleared Cleaning Operatives.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ensure cleaning is done to a high standard and nothing gets missed. Strict cleaning schedules are followed and signed off.

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Commercial Cleaning Bedford

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Frequently Asked Questions

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